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Totem animals and hearing the messages the universe sends you.

Absolutely everything is a divine message because life is always calling you. I’m leaning against the fridge in a soul sister’s Brooklyn kitchen. “So Megg, Crocodiles are showing up EVERYWHERE for me lately. Like, everywhere. I’ve got to figure out what the Crocodile totem means. Do you know?” And Meggan gives me her classic eye twinkle and says, “Turn around.” Taped to the fridge door is her boy’s drawing of the day… “Shai's Crocodile Shadow.” Alright cosmos, you have my attention...

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Instant gratification has gotten a bad rap.

Why would you want to delay gratification? Within the constraints of morality and maturity, you should do whatever you need to do to feel gratified in the moment. It may be as subtle as choosing a more positive thought or reminding yourself to smile. Maybe it’s taking two minutes in your car or at your desk to do nothing but fantasize. Maybe instant gratification is fifty sit-ups for an adrenaline rush, ordering dessert first, giving an unexpected hug, signing the lease, or telling your boss to shove it.

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Embracing desire as a feminine practice. An interview with Tara Sophia Mohr.

Tara Sophia Mohr is a wise, clear voice in the sea of personal development coaches and teachers. Her work is so clearly devoted to amplifying women’s voices. In this short conversation, we talked about embracing desire as a feminine practice and how feminine energy disrupts social structures (thank fully). We poke good fun at Buddhist retreats, explore the soul in relation to feelings and end on a ... joy. Please tune in.

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