Team wellness (because my biz is only as healthy as my people)


Part of how Team D stays healthy—and we are getting better and better at our own wellness—is we stay in touch and celebrate our “other life” stuff. I figured out long ago that if we’re each doing non “work” things, and PRIORITIZING WELLNESS, then we’re not just more productive, but we’re more effective. And by effective I mean we’re SMARTER and DEEPER.

The more we play and rest, the better our ideas. Solutions are right in front of us. When we’re overworked, it’s like we make more work for ourselves by holding on too tightly.

Play. Step away. Come back to it refreshed and fed. Here’s some inspiration…

Be well,
D xo

PS. And! While all of us on the team are doing wonderful and weird things, please give a special round of applause to our very own Nikki Bonsol, who, in all her spare time, RELEASED HER FIRST SINGLE and MUSIC VIDEO. We are blown away. Her first track “Be A Little Lonely” is the best catchiest breakup empowerment song ever. You will be singing it all summer long.

Stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube.


What Team D did on our break…

“While we were on break, I released my first single + music video. Instead of throwing a big (stressful) bash, I leaned into one of my Core Desired Feelings, Kin, and decided to host an intimate watch party with friends and family. Mom and sis came in from Calgary. So many of my local favorite people got to meet each other. I don’t need a million likes, or views, or to pack a stadium to feel like a rockstar. It was JOY.” – Nikki Bonsol, Copy + Editorial

“I rented a house on Bodega Bay for a few days. The perfect place to bird watch. Bird watching is my new thing—it's a mindfulness practice that brings me out of my thoughts and into nature. When I am really paying attention to the bird world around me, I feel so much closer to God and the planet. So much awe and delight and curiosity emerge.” – Angie Wheeler, Chief Creative Officer


“Some highlights from the break: 

Riding on my scooter. The BEST investment for summer. I ride it like a vitamin, once a day for best results! 

I feel most close to myself + the divine when I am near water + trees. So I had lunch at the ocean and swam in the lake. 

Treating my home like the sacred space it is. I love to invest in supplies that make my house feel cleaner + homey. Like a non-toxic clean and beeswax candles.” – Renee Masur, Director of Desire Map

“I went to the farmer’s market, read, did some yoga, and caught up with friends over some great food and a nice seawall stroll.” – Toni Scott, Finance

“I spent the days in the garden with my pup, HUCK. We hand make food baskets for less fortunate families in the community.

Huck and I deliver them together. He brings the snuggles, I bring the food. <3 It's humbling to see such a small act of kindness, bring so much joy and hope to another. The evenings were spent BBQ'ing nourishing meals, listening to our fave tunes, and laying in the gazebo as the golden sunset settled above. Grounding, healing, and soul-gratifying.”
Dee Bailey, Director of Operations

Long road trips and the scenery. I honestly can be on the road all day, as long as it's me driving :)” – Jenn Rose Orajay, Operations & Product Management

“I got loads of inspiration for our front yard renovation at the Morikami Japanese gardens! Also worked on branding and setting up a renovation blog to keep our family and friends updated with the latest. Hopefully launching it next month, woo!” – Katie Zupan, Graphic Designer

“It finally occurred to me that rather than failing at vegetable growing, I could GROW FLOWERS! And so I am. In my yard. And it’s giving me so much joy. It’s a small revolution in my life. I’m travelling a bit less this year and my heart and body are so happy to sit in my backyard, talking to the dahlias. No due dates, just flora and fauna conversations.” – Danielle