The How-To’s of Small, Specific, Genuine (and Publicly Declared) Gratitude

It all started with a tweet and a Facebook posting.

"Dear Life," I typed. "Thank you for... " and I listed off what stirred me that day: Democracy. Vancouver. Incredible girlfriends. My iPhone.

It felt good, so I kept it up.


I expressed gratitude on days that I wished weren't as hard as they were.


I started noticing that "Dear Life, thank you for..." posts were showing up elsewhere -- and I was jazzed.


So ... I organically created a gratitude system for myself, a 'being thankful framework'. Feel free to run wild with it on your own:

The How-To's of Small, Specific, Genuine (and Publicly Declared) Gratitude

1. Post as the spirit moves you, but definitely post before you go to bed. (I'm sure it's scientifically proven that appreciation before you sleep is good for your neurons. And stuff.)

2. Only express gratitude if it's genuine. Do NOT post "just to get something on Facebook" or for recognition.

3. See the obvious gifts of the day. And then...

4. Look for what you might be taking for granted. So many of us have systems of love and consciousness, governance and privilege that underpin our everyday lives. What and who keeps your life running?

5. The profound and the seemingly trivial live side by side in the day to day. Put it all in the mix.

6. Personally, I use "Life" as a term to cover God, Goddess, The Cosmos, Nature -- all of it. Thank whatever greater force you most relate to.

7. Even if your day, your week, your year has sucked, dig to find something to appreciate. Did you have to walk to get clean water today? Do you have a telephone? Does one person on the planet love you just a little bit? Are you still here? Muster it if you have to. You'll feel better. You will inspire someone.

The Desire Map explores gratitude (and dissatisfaction and desired feelings) in every area of your life, and I encourage people to be really, really specific about what they're appreciating in their existence.

When you specify what you’re grateful for it becomes more real and sensual. And from that sincere feeling you will become more emotive — and what you emote, you attract.

Envision this: For every piece of negative news that is broadcast, for every snarky-critical tweet and gossipy-link ... a hundred instances of Small, Specific, Genuine (and Publicly Declared) Gratitude.

Here's to a revolution.