The myth about following your intuition

That still, small voice. The inner knowing. The call.
You can hear it.

I've got plenty of issues with New Age'isms and self-help authors (ahem), but this is one of my favourite rubs:

That once you hear your divine inner knowing, that strong gut feeling, then you'll just glide into manifesting what your intuition is showing you. It's as if the subtlety of our hunches should translate into a breezy path with an angelic soundtrack, as if grace is automatically granted because we're in touch with ourselves.

Following your intuition ain’t always an act of grace — it can be a total grind. You will have to burn things. You might sweat, toil and dig dig dig to do what you know must be done.

Following your intuition might call on you to do the hardest thing you've ever done in your life. T W E E T

Here's the thing: If you can get down with that realist's possibility, then you'll have greater access to the strength required to turn your inner whispers into your opera of change.

Courage, my love,