The standards by which you measure yourself

There will always be someone in your line of work, doing the same sort of thing that you're doing, who will make more money than you. Way more. There will always be someone you grew up with who "made it" -- further than you have.

A peer who is out-selling, out-travelling, out-doing ... you.

You live in the same neighbourhood, but they got the bigger house.

Same social circle, but they've got the better ... whatever.

Same desires, but they landed the dream deal.

You know what?...

Who cares.

If you measure your success against someone else's results, you will never be free - ever. T W E E T

The only metric that matters: How free and fulfilled do you feel doing what you're doing?

It's not a status question because...

If you play the status game, there's always someone who can out status you. T W E E T

Your life. Your version of success.