The truth about 'success' and other entrepreneurial desires: In Conversation with Michelle McCullough of Startup Princess

Startup Princess has been riding alongside me for over 4 years now. And when you're being interviewed by someone who's been there from the very beginning, the conversations get rich, quick.

Co-founder, Michelle McCullough, invited me on her Make It Happen radio show to talk about applying desire mapping to the entrepreneurial life.

Some of the hot spots we touched on:

  • Let go of the belief that you've got to suffer until you reach the finish line. Feel good in the process of going after your goals.

  • How to build the muscle of intentionally taking charge of your life (it's a practice).

  • Loosening the guilt we feel for being successful (or wanting to be).

  • Why the desire to feel "successful" needs to be scrutinized.

  • some useful insight into the foundational pieces of my entrepreneurial system.

Click below to listen in.