What I know about working with people (and yes, this also applies to romance -- as does most business advice)

If you want to build remarkably awesome things, then partner with people who feel like their whole life has prepared them for the opportunity at hand. If someone says something like, "My whole life has led me to this point," then you should really consider hiring them, collaborating with them, or making out with them.

Winners are enthusiastic.

Fuck “cool,” coy and vague. Enthusiasm is magnetic.

(Worth noting: Too much enthusiasm, like any medicine, can be poison. You'll know the right dose when you taste it.)

Pay attention to the degree and frequency of drama that people conjure up in their lives outside of work. For two reasons. One: Drama Queens & Kings can be energy-suckers and are highly susceptible to distraction. You don't need that. Two: Dramatists will make drama out of things that are better kept simple.

Drama is inevitable, of course, but how people handle the big stuff outside of work is how they will handle the big stuff in business.

We all have karma, lessons to learn, and old family issues to sort out. And we burn karma, learn lessons, and sort out family stuff through... work.

Collaborating with another human — especially a team of humans — is messy, deeply personal, profoundly meaningful stuff, and it should be treated as such.

Personally speaking, if you're working with me, I know we've come together to do two things. One: Evolve as humans. Two: Make great stuff for the world. Sometimes it's unclear as to which is which, and I'm good with that.

We are all imperfect, flawed, neurotic, and quirky. If you think a perfect team (or partner) is one that is quirk-free and collectively has their shit sorted out, then you should probably consider hermitude as an option. Everyone has their weird stuff, they will bring it to the table, and it will cost you money and time. That's just the way it is.

Even steep, long learning curves can be endured if the learner is showing initiative. Lack of initiative means they're probably in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It's not always the right time to work with great people.

Sometimes, you need to keep moving on despite their greatness. (Fret not, even though star quality is rare, stars will circle back into your orbit when the time is right.)

Arrested development is a phenomenon that you will need to account for more often than you would prefer to. Like the 47-year-old CEO who is still stuck at the age of 15 when he/she was traumatized by unpopularity. We carry our pain into our positions of power.

"Clearing up an issue" with someone in the presence of a larger group is potentially very damaging. If you have an issue with someone, go one-on-one.

It only takes a half a second to write “please” or “thank you” at the beginning or end of a sentence. It adds up to months of mutual respect.