what's the best change you made to the place you live?

I’m habitual Purger of Stuff. Can’t stand clutter. Nic nacs give me hives.

Someone once critically described my living room as “austere” and I glowed with pride. So happy change for me usually comes from getting crap out the door. Dropping a bag of clothes off at Value Village, giving a chair away to a new university student, piling piles into the recycling bin = euphoria!

The best changes I made this year to my place:

  • downloaded 400+ CDs onto MAC/iPod, bought small docking speakers, and sold/gave away said CDs and mammoth old stereo system – including fake wood speakers that always made me feel like a cheap 70′s house wife.

  • sold plushy couch and got my dream sofa: a danish day bed with a trundle. Had it recovered in a mocha with blue fleck cotton/velvet.

  • put some twinkly lights in the bedroom.

  • found my favorite new incense from Ten Thousand Villages, which smells like ancient India.

  • bought a new white desk unit.

  • stopped burning candles with paraffin in them (cough cough, hack hack.)

  • hung two of my favorite pieces from text artist, Cheryl Sorg.