What's your Creativity Pattern?

As artists (and we're all artists) we have patterns of creating. A way that we typically make things happen. A style in which we pull ideas down from the ethers and put them into form.

It usually takes a while to figure out what your pattern of creativity is. You need to have cranked out a few projects, raised a few babies, made a few flops and masterpieces to have something to 'retrospect' on.

Styles of creating, in no particular order, with no superiority to each other:

Pounds at possibilities like a stick on a piñata until it rains down candies of goodness.

Plods like an ox and patiently awaits the harvest.

Falls in love again and again with ideas and people and keeps falling in love every time.

Dances with harmony, always looking for the most beautiful solution and energetic alignment.

Moves mountains no matter what listening to heavy metal or Madam Butterfly cranked in the background.

Stops 'n starts. Rushes in.

Studies. Awaits providence.

Sticks to the plan. Plans big. Has no plans.

Yields. Pushes. Paints it red. Sets it on fire.

As for me, I'm the fool who rushes into creative love.

I create when I resonate.

As Mumford & Sons puts it, "I will love with urgency, but not with haste." I wait, I wait, I wait -- patient as a cat in the sun -- for the right collaborator, for the God Blessed Right Idea, and then BAM. It's game on. Full on, right away, tight deadlines and all hands on deck. Run with the gold.

I've judged my Creativity Pattern over the years -- and believe me, it's been judged by my collaborators. Overly selective. Too impulsive. Too fast. I should have a five-year plan, and, you know, some goals. But everything great I've done shows evidence of the same rhythm. Selective impulsivity works for me in all kinds of ways.

I've polished my pattern over time. My launch dates are more humane. (Kinda.) I'm more patient. (Debatable.) But mostly, I've gotten clear that I create by relating deeply -- deeply, with an idea, and with the people who can lift up those ideas. Like I said, Fool For Love and proud of it.

When you identify your Creativity Pattern you've got a very powerful opportunity: Change the way you get stuff done because it's killing you, or keep mastering your tao of doing because it's getting you beautiful results across the board.

There's a pattern to what you've pulled off in the past. It wants to show you your way in the world. T W E E T