wide-eyed discernment + girlfriends, adored : june's white hot round-up

Like the best kind of house guest, June came bearing thoughtful gifts. An (almost) completed manuscript, new digs, ready for smudging. A victory lap of 1-on-1 Fire Starter sessions, and a little world domination, with friends new ‘n old.

Here’s what you missed in the past 30 sleeps, June-bugs.

: an ode to girlfriends everywhere.
You told me to dump the chump. You’re happy for me. Always. You remember. Everything. You’re the encyclopaedia of…me. Girlfriend, IT’S CRAZY HOW MUCH I ADORE YOU…

: i eff’d up: when to correct your course or jump ship.
Resentment, stuck energy and lack o’ enthusiasm are blaring sirens. When you hear ‘em, stop. Double-back. Quadruple check your intentions. And then instruct your ego to step aside, so course-corrections can be made. Don’t wimper or flounder, just DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT…

: discerning vs. cynical…with a bit of Beyonce for good measure
Before you choose it, buy it, take it, believe it, repeat it…question it. But question with a raised eyebrow, not through squinting eyes that shut out the light. When you’re cynical, you’re half-asleep. Accommodate possibility. OPT FOR DISCERNMENT…

: the possible meaning of fleeting feelings
Insight may come in a flash, but it’s the result of accumulated noticing—whether you notice it or not. Don’t pshaw your soft inklings, or poo poo subtle flashes. One grain of awareness can deliver the truth. Antenna up. ASSUME MEANING…

: the best list ever, by Danielle: vol. 2
From Blue Green Algae supplements and Ray LaMontange to inbox apps and impromptu poems, an assorted list of adoration—in no particular order. Catching bullet-point fever? Round up your best, and LIST YOUR OWN LOVES…

(pst. Looking for last year’s best list ever? vol. 1 is right here.)

: before you bust a move, pick up your psychic telephone If you want to be heard—clear as a bell—engage your inner resources, and dial into your psychic telephone (or your mind-email, or your chakra-Skype, or your solar plexus). OPERATORS ARE STANDING BY… and there ain’t no long distance charges.

intuition is queen. cash is king.

love trumps all.


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