you can change : a sweeping affirmation

seemingly impossible; they can, but you can’t; not in this lifetime, light years away, inconceivable.

the stuff of dreams.



instead, take this into your cells:

miracles, proof, evolution and revolutions, breakthroughs, dawnings, devotion, in time, in the realm of possibility, with the power of love, come hell or high water, positively conceivable...

you can

: laugh again after unspeakable loss. joy will wind its way around scars that will never unknot within you – like smiling ivy warming tree roots.

: triple your income. jump a “class bracket”. pay cash. never worry again about if you have enough money to do what you want.

: get over not getting what you thought you wanted to get but never got from your parents – because at some point, you need to get on with getting what you want in the here and now. (give your folks a break.)

: have never walked a full mile and become one of those people who not only runs many miles but LOVES to run. This happens, I’ve heard tell.

: where you used to fill space and time to avoid the terror of stillness, you can actually rest in the peace of your radiant mind. calm permeating.

: come out of the closet, stand in front of your family, and commit to the one you love in full colour and pride.

: lose the weight – permanently. yes, forever.

: hug the person who sold you down the river when you run into her on the street years later — and mean it.

: start.

: finish.

: cure yourself.

: melt into love.




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