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Embracing desire as a feminine practice. An interview with Tara Sophia Mohr.

Tara Sophia Mohr is a wise, clear voice in the sea of personal development coaches and teachers. Her work is so clearly devoted to amplifying women’s voices. In this short conversation, we talked about embracing desire as a feminine practice and how feminine energy disrupts social structures (thank fully). We poke good fun at Buddhist retreats, explore the soul in relation to feelings and end on a ... joy. Please tune in.

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Allowing for what you want & deepening desire: In conversation with Eric Handler of

As the featured guest on Desire, Goals & Soul, Danielle LaPorte talks with Eric Handler about why feeling good should be at the core of our goals. Answering Q's like: How can you tell if it's time to let go of a goal? Can you "convince" your partner to make internally-driven goals instead of focusing "out there"?...

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Excellence, mediocrity, and why you should get another opinion: In conversation with BlogCastFM's Srini Rao

In this interview with Srini Rao, I got philosophical about ambition, and nitty gritty on producing and launching. We hit these notes: Surveying people in your life for opinions (while staying true to yourself), navigating uncertainty without losing your mind and more.

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