You’re here! Excellent. I made some things for you...

Sermons, #Truthbombs, meditations, a lot of opinions on spiritual discernment, self-compassion, and serving the collective; and a few gorgeous courses on self-agency.

First, let me help you get plugged into your authentic power place. Heart Centering is a contemplation practice I designed for energy awareness and tapping our heart for guidance. You’ll find a how-to in the Inspiration Library. If you’re new, then please join here.

Some signposts to continue…

Here are few community favourites from my blog:

When you want to go deeper, there’s The Desire Map Course. Return to your heart. Choose your feelings. Create your life with intention. It’s the best thing I’ve ever made. Yep. Please peruse.

Instagram is the center of my public universe, please find me @daniellelaporte.

I’m glad you’re here. I don’t take one click for granted, so thank you for showing up. I so deeply believe that we need each other to thrive, that we connect to the Source of Life through one another. And if that can happen in this digital temple/soapbox, then… yesss. Welcome.

Only ever Love,